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Original German WWII Ruptured Shell Extractor For 8 mm Mauser Small Arms

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Original Item: One of the most important accessories for small arms such as rifles and machine guns is the ruptured shell extractor. When a cartridge case splits, the gun cannot be used until the broken case is removed from the chamber. The results can be disastrous in combat or very expensive on a hunting trip. A ruptured case extractor is an inexpensive insurance policy to have.

This version is a genuine WW2 German military issue shell extractor usable on any firearm chambered for 8 mm Mauser. This cartridge is also known as the 7.9 x 57 and the 7.92 x 57. Shown here is the extractor in use with a Gewehr 98 and with MG34 and MG42 bolts

If the base of a cartridge case separates from the upper portion as in the sample shown, this tool is slid into the chamber. The bolt is allowed to go forward to engage the extraction groove in the tool and push the tool farther into the stuck case. The ridges on the tool catch in the neck of the case, and the case is pulled out as the bolt is retracted.

Grade: 1. Grimy after more than a half century of storage, but they clean up nicely. Expect some staining, also from storage.

Note: There were many manufacturers of these extractors, so they vary somewhat in appearance and construction style.

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