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Original German WWII D.D.A.C. Membership Packet Grouping - Dated 1939 - 7 Items

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Original Items: Only One Group of 7 Available. This is an incredible, near complete example of a WWII German Der Deutsche Automobil Club membership package. Der Deutsche Automobil Club (DDAC - The German Automobile Club) was the only authorized automobile club in Germany during the Third Reich. The club absorbed the ADAC and other automobile clubs in 1934, shortly following the rise of AH to the position of Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor of the Reich). The DDAC provided roadside assistance to members and was closely affiliated with the NSKK. These "Clubs" were used by the NSDAPs to encourage Automobile skills as they did for Flying skills during the time when Germany was still not allowed and Military organizations.

This grouping consists of:
- Shipping Envelope: This is what the membership packet would have arrived in. It was a packet for the DDAC Munich 22 club. The envelope is addressed to Herrn ____ Kaufmann who lived in Munich in 1939. Unfortunately his full name is no longer visible, but we have no doubts that he will not be able to be researched!

- DDAC Club Directory: The directory shows locations for petrol stations, highway access points with distances in kilometers.

- DDAC Hotels Directory: This is a directory of hotels recommended by the DDAC. “All hotels, inns and guesthouses that carry the DDAC club sign are therefore recommended to our members are listed in the list below.

There are no agreements between the club and its contracting companies regarding price reductions, rebates and the like, since these would contradict the regulations of the Reich Ministry of Economics. Likewise, the granting of free parking of guests' motor vehicles in the hotel's own garages violates the law on bonuses.

On the other hand, the hotels, inns and guesthouses that have been awarded the DDAC club sign offer our members a guarantee of courteous reception, the best possible accommodation, attentive service and sympathetic consideration of their wishes as drivers.”

- DDAC “Welcome Letter”: “Dear member! We will present you with a DDAC pennant and hope that you will be happy to carry it with you on your vehicle from now on.
At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that we have also brought out a pennant in crank embroidery with a leather back, which can be obtained from us or our district offices at a price of 2.50 euros for motor vehicles and 1.90 euros for motorcycles.

Hail H****r!”

- DDAC Ephemera Purchase Catalog: This is a double sided “wants” list for the members. One would cross out the items they did not want and send the card in with money to the DDAC address listed. The items on the list include a fast beer delivery service (priorities first), DDAC badges, caps, pennants, pins, radiator shields and so on.

- DDAC Shield and Pennant Catalog: This 3 panel booklet features illustrations and pricing for the listed pennants and badges authorized by the club.

- DDAC Small Vehicle Fender Pennant: This pennant is in phenomenal condition with hardly any wear and no fading or stains! Definitely one of the best we have ever seen here. This is a very nice example of a D.D.A.C. Vehicle Wimpel (Pennant), which would be flown on a small staff attached to the fender of the automobile or other vehicle it was attached to. The pennant measures 13 1/2 inches by 8 inches and is double sided. It displays the D.D.A.C. emblem in a central oval, at the intersection of a white and red 'Balkan Cross'. The field of the pennant is white, and like most, this example is dyed, made from two pieces of cloth sewn together. The pennant still has the top clip and bottom ring.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add a lovely DDAC membership grouping. Comes ready to research and display!

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