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Original Nepalese Socket Bayonet for Gahendra and Francotte Rifles

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Original Item: The British made Martini-Henry socket bayonet won't fit the Nepalese made Gahendra & Francotte Martini System Rifles. But good news, we searched and have found a few socket bayonets made by the Nepalese specifically to fit the thicker barrel wall on both the Gahendra & Francotte!

Each bayonet comes complete with locking ring but alas no scabbards are available. Length varies and is approximately 15"-21". These are handmade so length and shape vary quite a bit. They are also made from un-tempered mild steel, so they may have bends in the blade, as they bend relatively easily. Looks stunning mounted on the end of a rifle. Very few available. Will come uncleaned.

NOTE: Will not fit British made Martini-Henry rifles.

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