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Vietnam War North Vietnamese People’s Army Flag - 100% Accurate Museum Grade Reproduction

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New Made Item: IMA Exclusive! These are top quality reproduction North Vietnamese Army Flags that were made in Vietnam some years ago. Measures approximately 28" x 33". These are virtually identical to the ones made in the 1960s, using similar manufacturing techniques and materials in construction.

These flags were obtained from a (then) current active duty Vietnamese General Officer who was studying at the U.S. Army’s War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The Vietnamese officer had a number of these flags sent to him while attending the War College, presumably to distribute as gifts to his acquaintances at the College, etc. Strangely enough, despite being made within the last twenty years these flags are made the exact same method as they were in the 1960’s; with a field of red, with a star cut out then covered on either side with a yellow fabric star. The materials used are artificial silk/rayon/ synthetic material, just like what was used in the 1960s. With some age and grime, these would be indistinguishable from the original article.

An exclusive to IMA! These are the very best around, period!

The People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN; Vietnamese: Quân đội Nhân dân Việt Nam), also known as the Vietnamese People's Army (VPA), is the military force of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The PAVN is a part of the Vietnam People's Armed Forces and includes: Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Border Guard & Coast Guard. However, Vietnam does not have a separate Ground Force or Army branch. All ground troops, army corps, military districts and specialised arms belong to the Ministry of Defence, directly under the command of the Central Military Commission, the Minister of Defence, and the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army. The military flag of the PAVN is the flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with the words Quyết thắng (Determination to win) added in yellow at the top left.

During the French Indochina War (1946–1954), the PAVN was often referred to as the Việt Minh. In the context of the Vietnam War (1955–1975), the army was referred to as the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). This allowed writers, the U.S. military, and the general public, to distinguish northern communists from the southern communists, called Viet Cong or National Liberation Front. However, both groups ultimately worked under the same command structure. The Viet Cong had its own military forces called the Liberation Army of South Vietnam (LASV). It was considered a branch of the PAVN by the North Vietnamese. In 2010, the PAVN undertook the role of leading the 1,000th Anniversary Parade in Hanoi by performing their biggest parade in history.

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