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Original U.S. Korean War Era 4th Armored Division Association Sign Painted on Original “Drink Coca Cola” Fountain Service Porcelain Sign - 16” x 50”

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a rather rare piece to come across. The rarity comes from the fact that this sign was made from a 1950s vintage “enamel porcelain” Coca Cola fountain service sign, with the words “DRINK COCA COLA” still visible under the large 8-ball. These vintage porcelain signs in some cases are extremely valuable and widely collected, but to have one that was “recycled” into use by the 4th Armored Division is incredible.

Signs made from enamel or porcelain were one of the most durable and robust. Also, their weather-resistance made them a favorite of gas and service stations whose signs are often exposed to the elements. Its inherent strength also made it a perfect canvas for the often bold and colorful illustrations as it would age incredibly well. Today, enamel and porcelain signs are one of the most common and popular collectibles for both petroliana collectors and art-deco enthusiasts.

The sign itself now reads as 4TH ARMORED DIVISION ASSOCIATION with a large black 8-ball on the far right. We believe this is the type of sign that would have been hung up on the outside of either an enlisted/officer’s club or just a clubhouse/pool hall for the 4th Armored Division. We have not been able to locate any information about a 4th Armored Division association, making for a wonderful research opportunity.

The sign itself is in wonderful condition for its age but does show signs of wear. As stated previously, these types of signs were intended to survive rather harsh weather conditions and this is a prime example, especially for being nearly 70 years old. There are still holes present and would make for a great wall hanger!

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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