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Original Imperial German WWII 77mm Model M1896 Field Gun - Dated 1901 - 7.7 cm FK 96 n.A.

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a stunningly well restored totally original German World War One Model 1896 7mm Field Gun. This example is dated 1901 on the breech ring meaning due it being post-1898 it is not legally considered an antique. Therefore, the breech has been torch cut and a hole the size of the bore has been made in the barrel with a bar inserted to obstruct loading rendering it inert and totally legal to own within the United States.

German manufacturer markings and dates are all over this fine field gun. Most notable markings are the raised Prussian eagle and the cipher (initials) of Kaiser Wilhelm II with the Latin motto ULTIMA RATIO REGIS on the top of the barrel, 1901 date and AWM Nr. 3326 on the breech ring. The wood spoke wheels are dated 1915. This example also shows areas of minor battle damage from shrapnel and gunfire.

Only a quantity of 5,086 of this model field cannon were ever produced for Imperial Germany, and fewer than 95 guns are recorded to exist today with the vast majority of them in incomplete and very poor condition rusting away as outdoor displays (according to the "Database of the WW1 Surviving Artillery" at this link).

A nearly identical example to this gun can be found in the collection of the renown Imperial War Museum London at this link.

There is also a severely battle damaged example at the Australian War Memorial which can be seen at this link.

The 77mm Field Gun, M1896 was the primary German field artillery gun during the first half of World War I. The 7.7cm Feld Kanone 96 N/A was a light, mobile field gun, which had one of the earliest hydro-spring, recoil-recuperator systems. The recuperator reduced the recoil, which increased the rate of fire. Modifications in 1905/06 resulted in the New Pattern 1896. The range of the gun was a useful 5,500 meters and, by digging in the trail, a range of 8,400 meters was possible. The gun fired a variety of projectiles, including high explosive shell, shrapnel and one of the first armor-piercing anti-tank rounds. The FK 96 was one of the last German artillery weapons to feature the Prussian eagle and the cipher (initials) of Kaiser Wilhelm II with the Latin motto “ULTIMA RATIO REGIS". The motto inferred that the ultimate factor in deciding arguments between kings was Field Artillery. Over 5,000 7.7cm Feld Kanone, 96 N/A were produced and served throughout World War I, forming 35 percent of the German Field Artillery weapons. It was eventually superseded by the 7.7cm FK 16, which used a howitzer  carriage to allow for high-angle firing. As with most guns of its era, the FK 96 n.A. had seats for two crewmen mounted on its splinter shield.

Mass: 1,020 kg (2,250 lb)
Barrel length: 2.080 m (6 ft 10 in) L/27
Width: 1.53 m (5 ft)
Crew: 5
Shell: 77 x 234 mm R[1] or 77 x 227 mm R[2]
Shell weight: 6.8 kilograms (15 lb)
Caliber    77 mm (3 in)
Breech: horizontal sliding-wedge
Recoil: hydro-spring
Carriage    Pole: trail

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