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Original German WWII Enameled Steel "Sign der NSDAP" 25 ¼" x 30 ⅝" Public Announcement Board - Emailleschild

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wartime slightly vaulted heavy enameled steel NSDAP Emailleschild announcement and schedule sign. This is a very robust well-made sturdy sign, with typical construction details of German government signage. It is black with deep red and white lettering. This totally original mid 1930s manufactured enamel announcement board that lists all the major Third Reich organizations, such as NSDAP, SA, SS, NSKK, HJ, NS-Frauenschaft, DAF / KDF and NSV.

The sign measures 25 ¼ x 30 ⅝ inches or 640 x 780 mm.

This high quality enamel sign shows signs of wear and age, with chips and scuffs on the front side, as well as oxidation where the edges of the sign have been dented and bent inward. This caused the enamel to flake off, and oxidation set in. However compared to others we have seen, it definitely is in great condition, with the enamel on the front over 90% retained! It will make a terrific historical display item for any collection of Third Reich, especially NSDAP history.

Hier Spricht Die NSDAP translates to Here Speaks the NSDAP. The translation goes on to mean; People if you need counsel or help turn to the NSDAP.

These signs usually were typically mounted in the hallways of official buildings as well as in bigger residential apartment complexes and the "Blockwart", the lowest rank in the NSDAP rank order put the latest news of the different NSDAP organizations on the board so every fellow "Volksgenosse" (a typical Third Reich expression that meant a, preferably Aryan, German in good standing) knew what was going on in the Reich.

Using chalk the Blockwart also put on the office hours for those who needed to meet with officials from NSDAP, Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF), Kraft durch Freude (KdF) and NSV as well as S.A., SS and HJ (AH-Jugend or HJ). There were also spaces provided to put in the nearby office or contact addresses of these organizations.

Signs of this nature were quickly destroyed after the fall of Germany in April 1945, ones like this were salvaged by USGIs who wanted to bring home a trophy of war. Therefore, finding authentic (beware many fakes) enamel signs from the Third Reich have become quite difficult in the collector's market.

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