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Original Antique EIC Percussion Rifle and Musket Combination Tool

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Original Item: Genuine original combination tool for Percussion rifles and muskets made by the East India Company. (The EIC used spanner nuts on the Brunswicks they made.) Four tools are included: nipple pick for cleaning black powder debris from the flash hole; nipple wrench to remove and install the nipple; a spanner wrench for the spanner nut (bun nut) that retains the hammer; and a screwdriver blade. (Note: some Brunswick locks were made with conventional slotted round-head screws to retain the hammer.) Some sources state that the tool has three screwdrivers, but a moment’s examination shows that the two small screwdriver blades are actually the two wings of the spanner wrench. In use, the slots in the bun nut should be cleaned before attempting to use the tool on it. We identified this tool from Figure 74 in British Military Firearms 1650 – 1850 by Howard L. Blackmore.

NOTE: These tools are clearly individually handmade and show a great deal of variation in the size and configuration of all the features. IMA cannot guarantee that the different features of any specific tool will fit the corresponding parts of the Brunswick rifle or musket. They are dirty from long storage.

We photograph a cleaned one only to offer as a sampling of how these tools can clean up.


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