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U.S. WWII Browning .30 Cal 1919A4 Feed Tray 250 Round Ammo Box

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New Made Item: Connects directly to the gun by Attaching onto the belt holding pawl bracket on the gun. Developed in early WWII these ammunition cans designed to carry either the 100 round or 250round cloth belts were introduced for use with the jeep and half track M25 and M31 PEDESTAL MOUNTS.

Will only work on a 1919A4 set up for .30-06 ammunition. The .308 version has feed pawl stops mounted in the feed tray to compensate for the smaller rounds. If it is being mounted on a dummy gun this doesn't matter, but for live fire considerations this tray will not work on the .308.

Approx Dimensions:

H: 10 inches

L: 8 inches

W: 3.75 inches

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