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Original French Louis XIV Flintlock Turnover Over-Under Pistols by Mayer of Lyon

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. These are extraordinary pistols, made by Mayer of Lyon circa 1645 one of France's premier gun makers in those very early years of the reign of Louis XIV (1643 -1715).

26" in overall length with 18.5" barrels; these are elegant, beautifully figured stocks, with Ebony butt caps inlaid with ivory buttons. The trigger guards are steel as are the heavily carved differing side plates showing sea monsters and mythical creatures. The locks, heavily engraved, with battle scenes have intricately pierced hammers showing mounted bare breasted Amazon women in combat with exotic creatures. The revolving over and under barrels each have their own frizzen assembly engraved with floral motifs.

A true sign of superb craftsmanship is that that the carving and engraving on the two pistols are not identical but compliment each other. Each pistol is elegant artistic statement in it’s own right.

When the pistols are at half cock, the trigger guards can be depressed allowing the barrels to freely rotate bringing the second barrel into the firing position. A  favorite with Cavalry officers, this pair of pistols allowed four shots before reloading.

Dating from a period of great historical importance, these pistols witnessed the reign of the French "Sun King" who built the Palace of Versailles and sat on France's throne until 1715.

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