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British WWII Bren Vest Skeleton Assault Jerkin

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New Made Item: Originals of this jerkin/vests are virtually impossible to find. Therefore, IMA exclusively commissioned a production of this exceptionally rare item. Originally designed to be worn over the Battle dress uniform, these Bren vests carried spare Brengun magazines in two pouches, one mounted on either side of the chest.

Manufactured almost identically to the originals from a brown canvas type material with wooden toggle fasteners on each pocket. Adjustable khaki brass mounted closure straps to front, with a loop on waist to hold a bayonet, the interior even has replicated ink stamp marking of manufacturer, size (LARGE) and dated 1943.

Typically issued to commando and Airborne troops.

Size large, with adjustable wait straps to tighten, fits up to a US size 46 inch chest

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