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Original Belgian WWII Civilian Defense German Occupation Helmet Badge

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Original Item: IMA purchased a case of these brass Helmet Badges in the 1970s from an old surplus warehouse in Brussels that is now long out of business. Recently rediscovered, we have been advised by one of our knowledgeable customer that these badges were issued before, during and after the fall of Belgium in 1940 to the NSDAPs.

This badge identified the wearer as a member of the "Protection civile" (the equivalent of Civil defense) to help citizens when disaster struck (bombings, fire, floods, etc.) They were worn on uniforms, hats, caps and the pattern 1915 and 1931 Adrian helmets. The motto means something close to "he remains undaunted despite the ruins that fall around him.", which tallies with their mission.

Each is of high quality production showing Belgian Royal Crown over Germanic Medieval Warrior holding a shield with the Belgian Rampant Lion Crest. An interesting remembrance from sadder times for a small country that showed such bravery together with the Dutch trying to throw off the NSDAP menace.

Original as found, these are NOT modern reproductions. These were removed from helmets, so they will usually have some bending around the securing clasps.

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