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Original British East India Company Flintlock Dragoon Pistol circa 1820 - Attic Find

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a genuine Royal East India Company Flintlock Dragoon Pistol, which was not made in England as there are no British Proof Marks. This was in fact made in EIC Workshops in India around 1820 for the use of its own Military. At the time the EIC held a larger Military Force than the British Government in London did, India occupying such a vast space.

It has what is probably a Walnut wood stock with a 9" .75 cal. barrel and all brass mounts. It is fitted with a swivel ramrod to facilitate re-loading while on horseback.

Stored in an attic for more than 100 years the wood shows scratches and a split along the barrel line on the left hand side. Exterior of the barrel shows considerable pitting marks from years of neglect. Rubbed over to remove the eons of dirt but could do with some TLC restoration. The lock needs servicing, and currently fires at both full and half cock.

200 years old now out in the sunlight again, a genuine attic find, ready to restore or display as is!


Year of Manufacture: 1802
Caliber: .69" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 9 inches
Overall Length: 15 1/2 inches
Action: Flintlock Side Action
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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