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Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Heavy Dragoon Pistol by Henry Nock with Internal Hammer & Pan Shield Marked “For His Majesty’s Royal Marines” - Possibly Experimental & Unique

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Original Item: One of a Kind. Here we have a fantastic and probably experimental P-1796 Light Dragoon flintlock pistol, the standard pistol in use during most of the Napoleonic wars. This example was made by the famous London Gun Maker HENRY NOCK, and it is fitted with his patented internal flintlock mechanism signed H‧NOCK. The flash pan shield side cover is engraved with the CROWN over G.R. royal cypher, and there is also a CROWN / BROAD ARROW "Lock Viewer's Mark over the maker name.

This lock plate is a variation on what is known as a "Screwless" lock, in that only the bottom ends of bolts & screws are visible, and the entire lock is secured by just ONE lock bolt entering from the left hand side. This keeps all of the components "internal", including the hammer, frizzen spring, etc, making for a very elegant and clean look. We have only seen these before installed on rare Flintlock Carbines made by Nock, and this is the first time we have seen one attached to a Heavy Dragoon pistol.

Additionally, the top of the barrel is also marked H. NOCK, and bears the COMPLETE Coat of Arms of the British Royal Family, next to FOR HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL MARINES. With the belt hook on the left side, this was definitely intended for use by the Royal Marines, and is of a type that we have not seen before. Definitely loads of fantastic research potential here!

It comes with a standard heavy 8 ⅞" barrel in .75" caliber pistol smooth bore, with an overall length of 16 inches. It has all brass mounts of trigger guard, side plate and nose cap, and is also fitted with a 7 inch long belt hook on the left side. The barrel bears a CROWN / GR / BROAD ARROW proof as well as a CROWN / CROSSED SCEPTERS proof marking for Pre-1813 manufacture in Birmingham, England. There is also a CROWN / 3 proof mark on the belt hook, and the rear right side of the pistol has a BROAD ARROW / BO cartouche for the Board of Ordnance.

The Walnut wood stock is in very good shape with a lovely brown color, showing light wear, with the expected light denting from use. It does show some past repairs in a few areas, but they were expertly done and very hard to see. It still retains the correct original iron ramrod stored under the barrel. We checked the lock function, and it does function but the tumbler is worn, so it will fire at both full and half cock. There are also some notes we received from the Expert British gunsmith who last serviced the pistol, noted after the specifications.

This is a fantastic collector's opportunity! An experimental and possibly unique Heavy Dragoon pistol by one of the most legendary of all British Gun Makers, Henry Nock. We've never seen a pistol quite like this before, and most likely will not again! Reach to research and display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1800
Caliber: .75" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 8 ⅞ inches
Overall Length: 16 inches
Action: Flintlock Side Action with Internal Hammer
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

From the Gunsmith:

A rare, possibly unique patent pistol by Mr. Nock
Note:- if you wish to remove the lock, close pan first and put on half cock or it is difficult to remove.

Please remember to close the frizzen onto the pan, and put the cock in half cock to allow easy fit onto stock. Slide front of lock into place under the retaining screw in front of lock inlet in stock.

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