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ZB 30 Display LMG with Transit Chest & Accessories: Museum Quality (One Only)

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Original Item: One only. Well again we just got one of these truly superior Museum Quality ZB 30 inert non-firing Display Machine Gun that comes in its original Transit Chest with a host of original accessories. This beautiful pre-WW2 Czech made weapon was the forerunner of the famous British Bren Gun. The ZB 30 featured a fabulous fully finned barrel and became a mainstay of the German Army during WW2, Czechoslovakia having been annexed by Hitler in 1938. Considered a better weapon than the German MG 34, by many German units, it's quality and reliability were unquestioned. Complete with it's original bipod, the only modification it has (other than the BATF required Demil) has been the removal of the flip out steel butt shoulder rest that was abandoned before WW2. This set consists of the weapon itself, a pair of magazines together with a pair of leather magazine belt pouches. A Nazi marked aluminum Magazine loader complete with its canvas carry case and shoulder strap, original Czech leather sling which also has Nazi markings (added in WW2 presumably), two take down tools, multipurpose with foldout options and the extremely scarce original two piece Anti-Aircraft Spider Sight set front and rear. This set has all the bells and whistles. All this comes completely contained in its original compartmentalized wood transit chest. It's going to be difficult to find another such complete set.

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