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Original Item: One of the features of the Sterling submachine gun that contributed to its excellence and popularity in the post-WW2 world was the innovative magazine.  Previous magazines for  9-mm submachine guns were straight, although the cartridge itself has a slight taper that makes it want to lie in a curved shape in line with other cartridges.  The magazines designed for the Sterling recognized this and were made in a curved shape.  In addition, it featured a double-column feed and a unique dual-roller follower, eliminating sources of jamming common to other submachine gun magazines.

The first magazine issued with the Sterling was the Sten magazine.  In the mid 1950s, the Sterling company introduced their own production magazine, which has a shell consisting of four separate steel stampings and is recognizable by the curved shape and scalloped spot welding on the rear of the magazine.  The front plate is also scalloped, but this is less visible than the rear scalloping.  This magazine is designated L1A1 in British service. 

The UK government decided to manufacture its own magazines in the mid 1950s, and in the course of this project redesigned the exterior of the magazine.  In the government design, the magazine shell consists of only two stampings, which meet each other at butt joints that are joined by a continuous weld on the back and front of the magazine.  This design reduces the weight of the magazine by 1.0 ounce and reduces the depth by 0.14 inch. 

IMA has obtained a small quantity of these military clamshell magazines from the British 22nd Regiment (a.k.a. Special Air Service, possibly the most effective special ops group in the world).  One side is marked MAGAZINE 9 M M LIA2 CRIIIA.  The other side has the maker?s mark and the date of manufacture. In excellent to like new condition!

Large Capacity Magazine Restrictions:

Due to restrictive state laws we can no longer ship large capacity magazines to certain states:

? New Jersey - 15 round maximum for semi-automatic firearms only.

? California - 10 round maximum for all magazines.

? Maryland - 20 round maximum for all magazines.

? Hawaii - 10 round maximum for all handgun magazines.

? Massachusetts - over 10 rounds.

? No Magazines exported outside the USA.

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