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U.S. Thompson 20-Round Magazine: Repeat Date Magazines

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Item Description

Original Item: The Thompson submachine gun has always been one of the hottest collector items from World War 2.  The majority of the twenty-round magazines for the Thompson were marked either with the Auto-Ordnance logo or The Seymour Products logo.  Among the thousands of magazines IMA obtained from the former Soviet Union, we have found a few magazines with either scarce or rare marking.  Most collectors would never have a chance to own one of these.  IMA has only a few of each type, and they are all in unissued, like new condition.

A number of Thompson magazines listing three patent dates were manufactured.  They were marked as follows:

                                                PATENTED?AUG 24,1920

                                                AUG. 24, 1920?JAN.11,1921

The August 24 date was repeated in error.  The manufacturer was not indicated.  To collectors, this is known as the REPEAT DATE magazine, and they are scarce on the collectors? market. Grade: Unissued, Like New.

Large Capacity Magazine Restrictions:

Due to restrictive state laws we can no longer ship large capacity magazines to certain states:

? New Jersey - 15 round maximum for semi-automatic firearms only.

? California - 10 round maximum for all magazines.

? Maryland - 20 round maximum for all magazines.

? Hawaii - 10 round maximum for all handgun magazines.

? Massachusetts - over 10 rounds.

? No Magazines exported outside the USA.


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