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Swiss M1878 Infantry Rifle, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  Switzerland was the first European country to adopt a magazine infantry rifle, the Vetterli M1869.  Although small quantities of magazine rifles had been issued in the American Civil War, they were never adopted as standard.  In the US, single-shot rifles remained the standard infantry rifles until 1892, a full twenty-three years after the Swiss turned to magazine loading.

The M1869 was developed at the Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, SIG, well-known to modern shooters of all types of small arms.  The magazine system was copied from the American Henry rifle.  Various modifications were carried out on the M1869, resulting in the M1878.  Of the many variations of the Swiss Vetterli over its lifetime, the M1878 is one of the rarest in the United States, most of this model having been sold in Europe.  The Swiss Vetterli was also the basis of the Italian Vetterli series.

For collectors interested in the mechanical aspects of rifle design, the Swiss Vetterli is a fascinating rifle.  Lastly, the quality of design and manufacture are exactly what one would expect from a Swiss source:  impeccable.

Condition:  Wood, excellent;  Metal, excellent.

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