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Russian M1944 Carbine, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  The history of the development Mosin-Nagant rifle is well known among collectors.  By 1891, a long infantry rifle was introduced along with a new cartridge, the 7.62x54 mm.  Although the long Cold War caused a condescending attitude in the West toward anything Russian or Soviet, the Mosin family of rifles and carbines has endured in service longer than any other bolt-action rifle.  The 7.62 cartridge is still in widespread military use throughout much of the world, making it the longest-serving military cartridge in history.  Its ballistics are closer to the U.S. Cal. .30-?06 than any other military round, and both the rifle and cartridge have proven excellent performers over decades of international rifle competition.

Not long after the M1891 rifle was introduced, a short-barreled carbine was introduced for artillery, engineer, and various support troops.  Eventually, a new carbine was introduced to take advantages of updated manufacturing methods in 1938.  It is very similar to the original version.  Neither the earlier nor the M1928 carbine was intended to be used with a bayonet. 

As the Second World War dragged on, many requests came in from the fighting troops to add a bayonet to the M1938 carbine, and the result was the M1944 carbine, identical to the M1938 except for a long, permanently attached, bayonet which folded along the right side of the stock when not in use.  These were so effective that they were widely copied throughout Eastern Bloc countries.  This example was made just after WW2 ended and shows typical fine peacetime finish.  All numbers match. Includes correct scarce carbine dog-collar sling, cleaning rod, complete original unissued cleaning kit in original wrap with contents list in Russian (Canvas pouch, double round oiler, cleaning patches,brush,jag,rod guide for the muzzle, cleaning rod ferrule, cleaning rod handle, combination tool).

Condition:  Pristine, new, unissued.

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