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Russian M1891 Infantry Rifle, One Only

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Item Description

Original Item:  Early in the 1920s Soviet authorities decided to manufacture only the shorter Dragoon rifle in place of the long infantry rifle.  Various changes to the original Dragoon design were introduced from time to time during the 1920s.  These relatively small changes and a few major changes were later formalized in the M1891/30 design.  The definitive design change identifying the introduction of the M1891/30 rifle is replacement of the older octagonal receiver by a cylindrical receiver.  This sample, made in 1926, has the original octagonal receiver and the original barrel of the Dragoon model.  The handguard and sights are of the later M1891/30 design.

From 1919 until 31 December 1923, the Soviet Union was known as the Russian Socialist Federation of Soviet Republics, abbreviated RSFSR.  Beginning on 1 January 1924, the country became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR.  In the Cyrillic alphabet used in Russia, USSR was CCCP.   This was marked on a few firearms, both rifles and revolvers, for a very short period of years.  Since production was relatively low during this time, extremely few small arms from this period survived to be available to the collector.  This sample has the rare CCCP marking, as well as being in outstanding condition.  All serial numbered parts match.

Condition:  Wood, Like new, arsenal refinished;  Metal, Like new.

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