Russian Imperial Cossack Shashqua Saber w/ Scabbard & M-1891 Moisin Nagant Socket Bayonet

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Original Item: TWO ONLY! These five swords are totally original and genuine having come from a Regimental Military Museum Collection Display formed very soon after Word War One that was only recently broken apart and sold in England. These Five Imperial Russian Shashqua Sabres are the traditional Cavalry Swords carried by Imperial Russian Cossack Horsemen. Each has a carrying mount, on the scabbard side to house the standard issue Moisin Nagant 1891 Socket Bayonet for the rifle that was traditionally slung across the Cossacks back while riding. Remember "Dr.Zivago"? All Five originate from the Imperial Tsarist period prior to 1917 having been first introduced in 1881. With the adoption of the M-1891 Moisin Nagant Rifle, bayonets were then fitted to the exterior of the Sword Scabbards for storage while not in use on horseback.

As was generally the case, these standard issue Cossack Cavalry Shashqua Sabres were issued with no traditional markings other than the occasional number etc. It was only after the downfall of the Tsar in 1917 that the new Soviet Government started issuing weapons including Shashqua sabres with CCCP markings on the pommels.

These Communist marked Shashquas are usually marked with blades dated in the 1920s and 1930s unlike their Imperial predecessors. Totally original all five Imperial Shashquas show some scabbard wear, being constructed of wood covered in black leather but are just as they were when they left service, no doubt with the collapse of the Tsar in 1917.

Beautiful matured patina finish overall; these make great display pieces of a scarce sword which also accommodated a bayonet.

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