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Original WWII Bren Mark 1(M) Display LMG with Anti-Aircraft Tripod and Enfield No 1 MkIII Drill Rifle

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A fantastic set, included is a display gun built from all original British WWII parts on an original steel BATF approved inoperable demilitarized receiver bearing original WWII markings and 1942 date. This receiver has been transformed to almost a solid-steel block, so no internal parts can be fitted. Offered in overall excellent condition. The gun is complete with an early, beautifully made, Mark 1 drum back sight and the late Mark 1/early Mark 2 Butt Stock Assembly.

Best of all is that we include a complete, very hard to find, Bren tripod, which can be assembled as a standard ground mount or used with a WW2 Enfield rifle for the Anti-Aircraft configuration, we even include a Enfiled No.1 MkIII drill rifle for this purpose! Also included is a complete traverse and elevation system (T&E) and two original slings to transport the tripod on your back.

Due to current importation requirements, the barrel of this display gun has also been deactivated at the rear by cutting into the chamber and removing the very rear portion. The barrel still fits snugly into the Display Receiver, the demilitarized portion being hidden, this barrel cannot be replaced by a live full-length barrel.

The Allies answer to the MG 34 and MG 42, the Bren, being magazine fed, was far superior and more flexible as a light machine gun, making it the workhorse of the British Empire. Due to current and anticipated Federal Regulations, these will probably not be importable in the future.

This display gun is built on the Mk 1/M (modified) receiver. This receiver was developed early in the war to speed up production. Its most visible difference from the Mk 1 receiver is that the forward dovetail for the optical sight was eliminated. Other changes included eliminating some lightening cuts. (See The Bren Gun Saga, 2nd Edition, pages 157, 239.) The Mk 1(M) was developed to provide a transition to the Mk 2, and was found with various Mk 2 features at different times, including Mk 2 barrels, Mk 2 butts, and Mk 2 bipods.

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