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Original WWI Imperial German Prussian Model 1895 Enlisted Pickelhaube Converted for Officer Use with Original Camouflage Field Cover

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an interesting piece of Imperial German Officer’s headgear.  This is a standard issue enlisted M-1895 pickelhaube which at one point was taken to be used as an “ersatz” officer’s helmet if you will. The early M-1895 helmet is fitted with a brass Wappen, spike, and trim. Officer’s chinscales were installed at some point, converting this to look similar to an officer’s helmet.
The Pickelhaube of commissioned officers holding a rank from Lieutenant to Colonel are all identical in features, but not quality. The quality of helmets within these ranks depended entirely on how much the individual wished to spend. A lowly Lieutenant's helmet may be of much higher quality than one worn by a Colonel. As expected, officer helmets were of a much higher quality than the issued version and utilized the "squared finger" liners until 1880, when the internal leather sweatband and silk skull-cap came into use. Perhaps the original wearer had his helmet lost or damaged, and made a field expedient to fill the gap.
The overall condition of this pickelhaube is very good. The Prussian wappen (coat of arms) features a large eagle with the King's motto, "Mit Gott Für Koenig und Vaterland" (With God for King and Country, i.e. Prussia). The chin scales are in great condition, solid and functional with full leather behind them and solid large split pin attachment present.
Both kokarde (cockades) are present,Both appear to both be black and white Prussian style, however the paint appears to have been touched up at some point. In 1897 a new Reichs-Kokarde in Red-White-Black was introduced for all ranks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st. The Reichs-Kokarde was to be worn on the right side of the helmet, and the state Kokarde was moved to the left.
The helmet's interior reveals no depot marks on the back visor. It is approximately a size 7 US (56cm). The exterior finish is in excellent condition, with some slight cracking and finish crazing due to age, as expected. Visors are still sewn in place.
The inside liner is still present, with remnants of the original drawstring looped through part of the liner. There is a unit mark inside the helmet “J.R. 165”, which would indicate Hannoversches Infantrie Regiment Nr. 165.
The camouflage field cover is in very good condition, with a number “27” in red felt stitched to the front. The cover, when reversed, exhibits a sewn on red band, used for training manuevers. The cover is in excellent condition for its age, however, the vulcan fiber stiffeners that are used to fix over the rear and front of the pickelhaube visor are broken.
Overall a very appealing Model 1897 Officer Pickelhaube helmet, ready to display!
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