Original Victorian Era Zulu Wars Impi inDuna Knobkierie Kambula Battlefield Pickup with Woven Wire Binding

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful example of the classic ZULU Warrior's knobkerrie battle club. This example measures 35" overall and is carved from one piece of hardwood. The round war head is 2" in diameter. The entire knobkierie was once completely bound in brass/copper wire, indicating that this club was carried by an Impi inDuna (regimental commander). A legendary weapon, original examples of which are becoming very hard to find.

In a Zulu Impi an inDuna guided each regiment of about 5,000 warriors made up of four or five "Ibutho", each of something over 1,000 men. The Impi in turn answered to senior izinduna who controlled the corps grouping. Overall guidance of the host was furnished by elder izinduna usually with many years of experience. One or more of these elder chiefs might accompany a big force on an important mission, but there was no single "field marshal" in supreme command of all Zulu forces. Regimental izinduna, like the non-coms of today's army, and yesterday's Roman Centurions, were extremely important to morale and discipline.

There is a Brass plate mounted on the lower haft stating:-


This indicates that this weapon was a Battlefield pick-up which had laid open to the elements until discovery some 15 years after the action which took place on MARCH 29th 1879 during the famous ZULU WAR. The exposure to the elements explains the woo'd bleach appearance and the loss to some of the brass wire especially around the ball head. Also interesting is that the bottom of the haft is capped with a very old British Cartridge Case, appears to be MARTINI HENRY, on which one can just make out the name KYNOCH.

Induna knob kerries are exceptionally rare, even in this less than perfect condition. A very rare battlefield pickup example dating to one of Queen Victoria's most famous Campaigns, the Zulu War of 1879.

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