Original U.S. WWII Custom Fighting Knife made from WWI German Bayonet by Carl Eickhorn with M8A1 Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. We get in some items that at first glance, you can tell they have a story to tell. When we first saw this knife, with its somewhat crudely made hilt, we assumed it was a "theater made" knife. However, closer inspection showed the hilt was in the typical WWI German style for a "dress" bayonet, with the birds head pommel and downward sloping crossguard.

Then we noticed a very faint logo a "Two Back to Back Squirrels" trademark over C.E., for manufacture by the legendary firm of Carl Eickhorn, located in Solingen, the "City of Blades" in Western Germany. Per J. Anthony Carter's book GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS, this specific version of the mark was used on swords, "walking out" bayonets, and other similar items after 1906. This is exactly the mark that should be on a WWI Blade.

Apparently this bayonet was taken home after WWI, and then was reworked into this very interesting custom fighting knife. The blade was shortened to 6 inches, and given a proper fighting knife profile, with an overall length of 10 1/2 inches. Even better, the grips were replaced with clear plastic, under which are pictures of what we assume to be the owners wife and daughter. These photos are surrounded by red foil, making for a very attractive knife. We're not sure of the reason for the modifications to the grip surface, as it looks like it has been exposed to very high levels of heat. 

The knife comes in an OD green scabbard marked U.S. M8A1 / V.P. CO, also in offered in very good condition. This design features a thermoplastic impregnated cotton fabric body, metal throat, and canvas frog and securing strap with a steel pistol belt hook. The scabbard was manufactured by Victory Plastics, whose stylized V P logo is also present on the scabbard body. The scabbard definitely shows use, wear, and oxidation, as expected from a scabbard that went through a war.

A very interesting custom fighting knife, made from a WWI German bayonet, complete with scabbard. Very interesting and ready to display!

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