Original U.S. WWII Combat Medic 66th Infantry Division Ike Jacket and Shirt

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Original Item: On-of-a-kind. Combat medic material from WW2 is some of the hardest most collectible items on the market, due to the small number of medics in comparison to infantry soldiers. Well, we found one! This is a wonderful little grouping that belonged to a decorated veteran of WWII. He was a Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt.) Medic and a member of the 263rd Infantry Regiment, 66th Infantry Division of the 12th Army Group.

This set is composed of the following:

• Ike Jack in very good condition Size US 38L (marked Johhny)
• Four overseas combat service bars (on right sleeve cuff) meaning 24+ months of combat
• Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt.) Chevrons
• 263 66 Division INF patch on left shoulder
• Black Panther 66th Inf Div shoulder cloth patches on right shoulder
• 42nd Infantry Division Rainbow Division patch on left shoulder
• Black Panther 66th Inf Div enabled pins on lapels
• Very rare colored sterling silver WWII Combat Medic Badge Pin
• Sterling silver U.S. Army Sharpshooter Rifle Badge
• WWII good conduct medal
• World War II Victory Medal
• American Defense Service Medal
• The following Medal Ribbons:

- European, African, Middle East Campaign Ribbon (3 Invasion Stars)

- Army Good Conduct with double loop/knot

- Bronze Star (World War II infantry award)

- WWII Occupation Medal Ribbon

- WWII Victory Medal Ribbon

• Army relation shirt with:

- Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt.) Chevrons

- Black Panther 66th Inf Div shoulder cloth patches on right shoulder

- 42nd Infantry Division Rainbow Division patch on left shoulder

- Medic lapel pin

66th Infantry Division WWII Combat Chronicle:

The three regiments of the 66th Infantry Division arrived in England on 26 November 1944 and the remainder of the division on 12 December 1944, training until 24 December 1944 when the Division crossed the English Channel to Cherbourg on two Belgian steamships, the Chesire and the Leopoldville. A German torpedo ripped into the transport Leopoldville just five miles from its destination of Cherbourg, and 14 officers and 748 enlisted men were lost.

Attached to the 12th Army Group and designated the 12th Army Group Coastal Sector, with operational control of all French forces in the area, the 66th relieved the 94th Infantry Division in the Brittany-Loire area on 29 December 1944. Its mission of containing the enemy in the St. Nazaire and Lorient pockets was carried out by daily reconnaissance patrols, limited objective attacks, and the maintenance of harassing and interdictory fires on enemy installations. A heavy German attack near La Croix was repulsed on 16 April 1945 and several strongly emplaced enemy positions were taken from 19 to 29 April 1945. Enemy troops in the Lorient and St. Nazaire pockets surrendered to the division upon the end of hostilities in Europe on 8 May 1945. The 66th moved to Germany on occupation duty in the Koblenz subarea on 20 May 1945 and left for Marseille on 26 May 1945 in preparation for redeployment to the Pacific It sailed for home 27 October 1945.

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