Original U.S. WWII Army Air Forces Aviator A-11 Flight Helmet Set - A-14 Mask, Type R-14 Earphones, B-8 Goggles

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. Just purchased a recent military show! This is an amazing set, in wonderful condition and is just what the Aviators of the U.S. Army Air Forces used during WWII. It is comprised of the following items-

- WWII USAAF Leather flight helmet type A-11 size MEDIUM in very good condition. It still has a clear manufacturer label:

SPEC. NO. 3189

The only issue with the helmet is the usual service wear. There is a bit of tearing around one earphone, but the original chin strap is in great shape, with a working clasp. Contract number indicates it was produced circa 1944

- WWII TYPE R-14 U.S. Signal Corps Earphone Receivers by KELLOGG S.&S. CO, with intact wiring. They are in great shape, with lovely wiring, and an intact red PL-354 end plug.

- WWII USAAF Oxygen Mask Type A-14 manufactured by Bulbulian, part of the OHIO CHEMICAL & MFG CO., as indicated on the mask. There are other markings giving the specification number and patents, as well as a date of 6 - 44. The mask is in really good shape, without any major tearing, though the rubber does show age.

- WWII U.S. FLYING GOGGLE A.A.F. TYPE B - 8 by POLAROID, with a very nice green-tinted lens. The rubber surrounds are still quite supple, and the chamois backing is fully intact and does not have any major damage, just wear and some light staining. The strap is in great shape, though as with most the elastic portions have lost their stretch. 

An incredible excellent condition U.S. Army Air Force leather flying helmet set that will not be encountered again!

The Type A-11 intermediate flying helmet was standardized on August 6, 1943 and became one of the most popular and widely utilized helmets during World War II. There were numerous but minor changes relating to the oxygen mask attachments made during its production run but continued to keep the A-11 designation. The rubber earphone mountings were designated for the Type ANB-H-1 radio receiver. The helmet remained in Air Force service during the Korean War. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continued to use the helmet in high altitude training through the mid-1970s.

Physical Description:

United States Army Air Forces Type A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet; seal brown cape leather exterior shell with black rubber earphone cups; missing black rubber earphone plugs or Type ANB-H-1 Radio Headphone Receiver; chamois lining and ear pads; cap leather and chamois buckle chin strap; turn down brow flap; three brass snaps for oxygen mask located on the left and right chin of the helmet; leather buckle strap on the back nap of the helmet to adjust the helmet size; three leather straps on back of helmet to hold the flight goggle's strap; double reinforced seam on each side of helmet; dark white sewn in manufacturer's tag on inside back neck of the helmet with embroidered red letter text; white stenciled Army Air Forces winged star insignia with white letter text "ARMY AIR FORCES" below insignia on left exterior side of helmet.

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