Original U.S. WWI Named 11th Field Artillery Regiment Headquarters, 6th Infantry Division Grouping Featuring Victory Medal, Dog Tag and Uniform Insignia - 12 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Group Available. This is a fantastic little grouping attributed to a member of the Headquarters Element, 11th Field Artillery Regiment who fell under command of the 6th Infantry Division during WWI. The 11th Field Artillery Regiment is a Field Artillery Branch regiment of the United States Army first formed in 1916. A parent regiment in the U.S. Army Regimental System, one battalion of the regiment is currently active, the 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division. We have not been able to locate any service information of the soldier whose name appears on the dog tag, making for a wonderful research opportunity.

The Items Featured:

- WWI Victory Medal With Ribbon Device (2 Items): This is a lovely, worn condition US WWI Victory Medal which features a total of 2 Battle Clasps. The World War I Victory Medal (known prior to establishment of the World War II Victory Medal in 1945 simply as the Victory Medal) was a United States service medal designed by James Earle Fraser of New York City under the direction of the Commission of Fine Arts.

Award of a common allied service medal was recommended by an inter-allied committee in March 1919. Each allied nation would design a 'Victory Medal' for award to their military personnel, all issues having certain common features, including a winged figure of victory on the obverse and the same ribbon.

The Victory Medal was originally intended to be established by an act of Congress. The bill authorizing the medal never passed, however, thus leaving the military departments to establish it through general orders. The War Department published orders in April 1919, and the Navy in June of the same year.

The front of the bronze medal features a winged Victory holding a shield and sword on the front. The back of the bronze medal features "The Great War For Civilization" in all capital letters curved along the top of the medal. Curved along the bottom of the back of the medal are six stars, three on either side of the center column of seven staffs wrapped in a cord.

The top of the staff has a round ball on top and is winged on the side. The staff is on top of a shield that says "U" on the left side of the staff and "S" on the right side of the staff. On left side of the staff it lists one World War I Allied country per line: France, Italy, Serbia, Japan, Montenegro, Russia, and Greece. On the right side of the staff the Allied country names read: Great Britain, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, Rumania (spelled with a U instead of an O as it is spelled now), and China.

The medal itself is in good condition but does exhibit tarnishing. The ribbon is faded, worn and stained but attributes to the beauty of the award.

The 2 Battle Clasps Featured Are:

- Meuse-Argonne: September 26, 1918 to November 11, 1918
- Defensive Sector: For general defense service, not involving a specific battle, the "Defensive Sector" Battle Clasp was authorized. The clasp was also awarded for any battle which was not already recognized by its own battle clasp.

- x2 Patched Insignia: The insignia consists of the red 6 Pointed Star of the 6th Division and the Red Discharge Chevron. The Sixth Infantry Division patch was worn from 20 october 1918 to 1992. The Sixth Division was organized at Camp McClellan, Alabama, in November 1917 and arrived in France in 1918. The insignia, a six pointed star, refers to the numerical designation of the unit.

The red Discharge Chevron whose purpose was to identify the Army and U.S. Marine Corps personnel after they had been mustered out of service.

Both patched insignia are in wonderful, unused condition.

- x2 Collar Discs: The discs are in wonderful condition and are for the 11th Field Artillery Regiment HG and features Crossed Cannons with the number 11 at the top and HQ at the bottom. The other disc is the standard US device.

- x5 General Service Brass Buttons: The buttons include 3 large buttons with 2 smaller cuff sized buttons.

- Dog Tag: The dog tag is a “full size” example and not the smaller diameter ones often encountered. The tag reads as BRANN ALFRED. G. / U.S.A. with the service number 400146 on the reverse. As stated, we have not been able to locate any service information on this soldier, making for a wonderful research project.

A lovely little grouping ready for further research and display.

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