Original U.S. WWI M1905 Springfield 16" Parade Bayonet marked SA with M1906 Type II Scabbard - dated 1911

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a true very good Condition 16” WWI M1905 Springfield rifle bayonet by Springfield Armory, complete with an original M1906 Leather-Covered Scabbard. It is dated 1911, being made during the pre-WWI period for the M1903 Springfield rifle. It is still in the original issued configuration, with a steel 16 inch blade, and wooden grip scales. However, at some point it was converted for "parade" use, and was entirely nickel plated, and the wooden grips were varnished. It does not appear to have been reissued for WWII, so it was not modified any further.

The blade ricasso is marked with SA for the Springfield Armory in Springfield Mass, the primary center for the manufacture of United States military firearms from 1777 until its closing in 1968. Below this is the Ordnance flaming bomb and date of manufacture 1911. The other side of the ricasso is marked with U.S. above serial number 506447. The blade is in very good condition, with a great nickel finish, though it was sharpened after being plated, so there is light staining in those areas. The nickel plate on the handle and cross guard is partly worn away, mostly on the corners as would usually happen. The original grip scales have lost most of their texture and have been varnished. The left scale has a crack below the gross guard about 1 1/4" long.

The scabbard included is an original WWI issue M1906 Type II scabbard, which are VERY hard to find. Most were discarded or converted to use standard belt hooks. The design was based partly on the Springfield-Krag bayonet scabbard, with a somewhat hard to use belt clip. The retaining hooks are still intact, so the bayonet locks securely into the scabbard. The leather cover is torn in some places, and interestingly, it looks as though the scabbard body is made of aluminum, with a wood interior. We've never seen a scabbard like this before. There are no legible maker markings, so we cannot identify the maker, but it is definitely quite interesting and worthy of further research.

A great example of the 16” WWI M1905 Springfield rifle parade bayonet by SA, complete with rare early issue scabbard! Ready to display or fit on your Springfield 1903 Rifle.

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