Original U.S. WWI M1905 Springfield 16 inch Rifle Bayonet by Springfield Armory - Dated 1915

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.  This is a true 16” WWI M1905 Springfield rifle bayonet by SA, reissued for use in WWII! This is a very good condition U.S. M1905 bayonet dated 1918, originally made towards the end of WWI for the M1903 Springfield Rifle, which was then reissued in WWII for the M1 Garand Rifle. It is fitted with a WWII Issue M3 fiberglass scabbard. The Garand was designed to take the same blade bayonet as the M1903 Springfield rifle, so at the beginning of the war they were issued with bayonets originally made for those rifles. Later in 1942 to keep up with wartime production, new orders for M1905 bayonets with plastic grips were sent out, which had plastic ribbed grips. These were also sometimes fitted to M1905 bayonets made previously that had damage to their wooden grips. This bayonet however still has its original wooden grips.

In 1943, the specification for bayonets was changed to have a 10 inch blade, and many M1905 bayonets were shortened to this length. This bayonet however is still in the original configuration, which is rare to find on the market today. It was however refinished with the WWII type phosphate "Parkerized" finish.

The blade ricasso is marked with SA for the Springfield Armory in Springfield Mass, the primary center for the manufacture of United States military firearms from 1777 until its closing in 1968. Below this is the Ordnance flaming bomb and date of manufacture 1915. The other side of the ricasso is marked with U.S. above serial number 617977.  The blade is in decent shape with some wear. The wooden grip scales were replaced with bakelite Garand grips and are in very nice condition.

The scabbard is marked USN MK1. These bayonet scabbards were made in 1943 and are identical other than the markings to the M3 scabbards. They were intended for, and used to some extent with, the USN Mark 1 training bayonet. However, many of the bayonets in photos, and in questioning some ex-Navy enlisted men, were used with wartime issued bayonets.

A true 16” WWI M1905 Springfield rifle bayonet by SA, reissued for use in WWII! Ready to display or fit on your Garand or Springfield Rifle.

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