Original U.S. Remington-Rider New Model Revolver .38 RF Conversion with Custom Wood Case - Serial 5414

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. We have never owned or even noticed on of these before but then this showed up in a Collection purchase. It is a rare variation of the Remington Model 1858, usually referred to as the Remington-Rider Double Action New Model Belt Revolver. Only an estimated 3,000 - 5,000 of these were produced during the period 1863-1873. It has been nickel plated, and is housed in a lovely custom-made fabric lined wood case.

The top of the octagonal barrel still has the original barrel markings, which are somewhat faint towards the bottom:


This appears to be .38 rimfire caliber and we suspect started life as a .36 Caliber PERCUSSION Weapon, however it now is a "Breech Loader" by removing the cylinder and removing the separate "back plate" exposing the drilled though chambers. When reloaded the cylinder is then re-assembled into the weapon for use. This was actually rather common, as these conversions only involved modifying the cylinder, which was fitted with either a rimfire or centerfire back plate. The hammer was not altered, and still could be used with a percussion cylinder.

Our example is a stellar condition and appears to have almost all of its original Nickel plating, we suspect from the time of the breach loading conversion. Cylinder shows slight old pitting in just one spot under the finish. Most parts have the numeral 11 as an assembly number, including the grips, trigger, and frame. Under the barrel the serial number reads as 5414, which is also stamped under the grips in typical Remington fashion. The cylinder may be a replacement, however the original back plate is still included. The installed cylinder is marked with assembly number 79.

Lovely walnut grips, the revolver is near perfect and cased in a fine Walnut case much resembling a percussion Colt Revolver from the exterior. Inside however it shows that the interior has been finished in the popular European style with a revolver silhouette velvet lined compartment, a special location for a spare Cylinder rear plate and comes complete with a wood frame drilled with holes for 60 X .38 Rimfire cartridges. The Case comes with its original key that does operate the lock. I rather assume the case's interior was re done in this European style at the time the system was converted to Breech Loading, as well as being re-nickeled after the machine work at that time.

Most certainly a very rare Remington Revolver but Cased and in this condition makes this item so very rare and desirable. Ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: circa 1863-75
Caliber: .38 
Ammunition Type: Rimfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 6 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 12 inches
Action: Double/Single
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

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