Original U.S. Pre-WWII UNISSUED Condition and Complete M1A1-IV-III US Service Respirator Kit, Packaged in 1932 - Storage Tin, Mask (With Face Form), Filter, Carry Bag and ORIGINAL Packing Slip

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Kit Available. Now this is a fantastic opportunity to add a complete and unissued M1A1-4-3 Service Respirator Kit. When we received this kit it was still completely sealed in the original storage tin. We carefully removed the bottom to confirm the contents and upon removing the contents we discovered the original packing slip! The packing slip states that the kit was inspected and packaged in October of 1932, almost 10 years before the US involvement in WWII.

The kit includes the original storage tin, packing slip, respirator with hose and attached to the filter, the face form which is still present inside of the mask with the mask tied shut and the carry bag. The condition of the kit is exceptional. The rubber hose is still completely soft and is without damage!

A wonderful addition to any WWII kit collection. Comes more than ready for display.

M1A1 US Service Respirator
In 1928 the first alteration to the facepiece was made resulting in threaded lenses so the lenses could be replaced. It would still use the MII Head harness and the MI Outlet valve. The MIA1 Was issued in four sizes with US and the number on the forehead. This new Facepiece would also be issued with a new filter known as the MIV which had an inlet valve on the bottom rather than the top like the MI and MII felt filter. A new carrier was issued known as the MIII. It was meant for filters with inlet valves on the bottom. The Resulting kit would be designated MIA1-IV-III US Service Respirator. No other filters and carriers would be issued with The MIA1 During its service life

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