Original U.S. Post-WWII Japanese Made Naval Officer Combination Visor Cap named to Bataan Death March Survivor

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is an excellent example of a Post-WWII Era U.S. Navy Junior Officer "Complete" Cap, also called the "Combination" cap. Naval officers wore a variety of different colored uniforms in service, for different locations and occasions, so a cap was designed that could utilize various removable covers to match the uniform. The standard colors were White, Khaki, Navy Blue, and Gray. The U.S. Coast Guard also wore the same caps, however they use a different cap badge with a larger eagle and a single anchor instead of two.

This totally correct high quality Japanese made U.S. Navy junior officer complete visor hat features a wonderful cast metal eagle cap badge, patent leather visor and gold bullion chinstrap. It is currently fit with a white cover, and is in very good condition. Inside is an original manufacturer's label that indicates it was made by MIYAZIMA & CO. of Yokosuka, Japan, an area south of Tokyo on the bay.  After WWII, U.S. forces occupied Japan until 1952, and still maintained a military presence there after that. During this time Japan was rebuilding industry and its economy, so of course they would open up shops which could meet the needs of the occupying forces.

Under the makers tag is a card giving the name and rank of the owner.

Harvey Lecota Pace, Jr.
Lieutenant Commander
United States Navy

The cap has a lovely internal wicker frame covered with white lightweight vinyl, still in great shape, and also has the crown stiffener, which really helps maintain the shape. The cap shows no major defects and is in overall very good condition with slight discoloration in spots. The size seems to be about a U.S. 7.

Research included with the cap indicates that during WWII, Pace was a U.S. Navy Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd Class, and was stationed in the Philippine Islands. Following the Battle of Bataan, he was captured, and his parents were notified he was "Missing" on May 9th, 1942. They were later informed that he was being held as a POW in Taiwan Camp on Formosa. Further information included indicates that Pace had been held in two different camps in the Philippines, one in Taiwan, and three camps in Japan. He was held for a total of 40 months, and was then released. One of the articles indicates that upon his release he would possibly "stay on" as he didn't see enough of the world through a porthole.

It's clear that he did stay on, and went through officer training before being stationed in Post-WWII Japan.

This really is a great Post-WWII Cap, named to a Bataan March survivor, with tons of research potential. Ready to display!

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