Original U.S. Navy 1950s Gentex H-4 Flight Helmet Grouping - Life Vest, Flight Suits, Oxygen Mask, Goggles

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition complete 1956-1964 USN Aviator set that includes the following pieces:

- Size large Gentex H-4 helmet that comes totally complete with internal cloth helmet which contain the ear phones and boom mic. Helmet features original gold paint and USN/USMC Aviator wings to front. The helmet comes completr with its original felt carry storage bag. The H-4 features a rigid shell with reinforcing ridges and is constructed of a fiberglass cloth reinforced with epoxy resin. For this model a cloth inner helmet which incorporate the earphones was utilized. This was secured to the rigid shell by "pull the dot" snap fasteners on the cheek flaps and in some cases with additional straps attached to snap fastener in front and in the back of the rigid shell. The H-4 was equipped with a boom mounted microphone M-6A/UR to be used below 10.000 feet. Above this altitude an A-13A or A-14 or MBU-3/P oxygen mask were used. Black rubber goggles B-8 with modified straps to be attached to snaps placed on the sides of the helmet shell below the adjustment webbing. The H-4 was used by USN and USMC pilots in the middle of the 50s into the early 60s.

- United States Air Force and Navy Type MS-22001 Pressure breathing Oxygen Mask; green rubber face mask with green rubber oxygen hose; sage green hard plastic nose piece; black steel bayonet attaching clips; green nylon straps with button snaps and clips; embossed text on nose "MASK, OXYGEN, PRESSURE BREATHING, MS 22001-6 SIZE MEDIUM".

- Special sun googles that snap directly into the helmet. 

-1954 Dated BAUER MARK 2 VEST TYPE LIFE PRESERVER. Life Vest, Pneumatic, Mark 2, United States Navy. United States Navy (USN) Mark 2 pneumatic lift vest; yellow rubberized fabric with rubber air bladders; 2 front pockets for C02 gas canisters; 2 dye markers packets and shark repellent in olive drab packet; attached strobe light on right shoulder; black rubber manual inflation tube on left shoulder; one lower equipment pouch on front bladder; whistle on lanyard on left breast; 2 steel snaps down front; yellow nylon draw straps.

- U.S. Naval Aviator Flying Suit, Anti-Blackout, Type Z-2. Full-length step-in style flying suit of lightweight olive drab nylon fabric, featuring a turn-down collar, a diagonal zipper opening to the front from neck to waist (with three pairs of hooks-and-eyes to the lower half of the opening), a horizontal zipper-closed slash pocket to the left breast, a pleated patch pocket with snap-fastened flap to the right breast, a vertical zipper-closed slash pocket to either outside thigh, a horizontal zipper-closed slash pocket to either front shin, and a zipper opening down the full length of either inside leg with snap fasteners at the cuff. Incorporated into the flying suit are five air bladders (two at the thighs, two at the calves and one at the abdomen), which can be inflated via a nylon-covered length of tubing with metal valve extending from the left waist.
- U.S. Naval Aviator Flying Suit, Anti-G, Type Z-2. Size 40; MIL-S-5085. The g-suit, actually anti-g suit, is a flight suit worn by aviators who are subject to high levels of acceleration force. It is designed to prevent a black-out and loss of consciousness caused by the blood pooling in the lower part of the body when under acceleration, thus depriving the brain of blood. The g-suit is a special garment with tightly-fitting trousers that are fitted with inflatable bladders which, when pressurized through a g-sensitive valve in the aircraft, press firmly on the abdomen and legs, thus restricting the draining of blood away from the brain during periods of high acceleration.
- Pair of lace up leather boots.

An incredible Koren War era USN Pilot's complete flight gear offered in very good to excellent condition.
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