Original U.S. M1873 Forehand & Wadsworth Old Model Army .44 Revolver with California Marking - Serial 1037

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Original Item: One of a Kind. Founded by SULLIVAN FOREHAND and HENRY C. WADSWORTH in 1871, revolers made by this company are exceedingly rare on the market. Both men shared the same Father-in-law, the famous Gun Maker ETHAN ALLEN who died in 1871. After this many of the gunsmiths he mentored went out into business on their own.

In 1873 they produced their 1873 ARMY MODEL Revolver in .44 Russian, of which fewer than 1000 were ever made. These had a six shot cylinder operating by Single Action Only. Originally made with a 7 1/2" barrel, they were too late to compete with COLT and REMINGTON, who had already secured almost all of the Government and State Contracts, hence resulting in such a short production run.

Here we offer an example of the ARMY MODEL 1873 Revolver, now with a shortened 6" barrel, possibly a requirement in the original purchase contract. The top of the barrel still bears part of the address marking, which originally read:


Most of the company name was removed, now covered with the front sight. Other areas are also faint due to wear and oxidation. The revolver is nickel plated and has the CALIFORNIA STATE BEAR, as found on the State flag, stamped into the left side of the frame under the cylinder.

This very rare revolver has seen better days and probably much use. Now polished bright, the inscription on the top of the barrel can just about be made out and the "BEAR" Stamping is now best described as a ghost but unmistakable as the State symbol of California. The nickel finish now well worn but very evident, old pitting on the steel frame where the nickel is now absent being polished overall. Serial number 1037 shown on bottom of the grip frame, on the underside of the barrel, and on the rear of the cylinder. This is definitely an ALL MATCHING example. The revolver cycles correctly, though the barrel lock is a bit worn, so in some positions the cylinder can be turned by hand.

A very rare M-1873 .44 Russian cal Revolver, marked to the State of California, ideal for additional research. Ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: 1883 to 1888
Caliber: .44 Russian
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 6 inches
Overall Length: 11 1/2 inches
Action: Single Action
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

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