Original U.S. Korean War Era to Vietnam Flight Jacket Removed Squadron Patches and Name Tags For Lieutenant Commander Lewis F. Udell Jr, USNR - 6 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 6 Available. This is a lovely little patch lot which we believe to be attributed to Lieutenant Commander Lewis Foster Udell Jr, US Navy Reserve due to his leather name tags being present in the grouping. From what we were able to find out about him was only his enlistment and discharge dates. He enlisted on November 17, 1945 and was discharged on June 30, 1969 after serving a total of 24 years in the service.

The Items In This Lot:

- H-2, Langanes AFS & Naval Station: H-2 was the first Icelandic home of the 667th AC&W Squadron. Located on the far northeastern corner of Iceland, it was the 2nd most difficult to reach of the four Iceland radar sites. It was not uncommon that a flight left Keflavik for H-2 only to have to turn around because of severe weather that made landing at H-2 impossible. The site was located not very far from where a WWII radar site had been located. The decision was made in 1952 to construct a site at Langanes and it was to be manned by a squadron recently reactivated after being inactivated in early 1952. This was the 667th AC&W Sq. The first site surveys and topographical work began in December 1952. Construction began in 1953 with plans calling for the $7.5 million site to be completed by August. Weather and supply problems delayed the actual activation for three years. Finally the site was activated in August 1956 and by September USAF personnel had taken over to complete the construction. The site became operational in late 1957. The site did have some unique recreational activities including a horse riding stable with horses purchased from a local Icelandic farmer.

- NAVSTA Keflavik Iceland Service: Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF) is a United States Navy station at Keflavík International Airport, Iceland, located on the Reykjanes peninsula on the south-west portion of the island. NASKEF was closed on 8 September 2006, and its facilities were taken over by the Icelandic Defence Agency as their primary base until 1 January 2011, when the Agency was abolished and the base handed over to the Icelandic Coast Guard, which has since then operated the base. US forces would return to Keflavik starting from 2016.

The base was built during World War II by the United States Army as part of its mission to maintain the defense of Iceland and secure northern Atlantic air routes. It served to ferry personnel, equipment, and supplies to Europe. Intended as a temporary wartime base under an agreement with Iceland and the British, U.S. forces withdrew by 1947 but returned in 1951 as the Iceland Defense Force resident on a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) base. The base was regularly visited by the American military and other NATO allies for military exercises, NATO Air Policing, and other tasks. In 2017, the United States announced its intention to modify the largest hangar on the Icelandic base in order to house the new Boeing P-8 Poseidon ASW aircraft being introduced.

- VF-45 “4&20” Patch: Fighter Squadron 45 or VF-45 was an aviation unit of the United States Navy. Originally established as Attack Squadron 45 (VA-45) on 15 February 1963, it was redesignated VF-45 on 7 February 1985 and disestablished on 31 March 1996. It was the third US Navy squadron to be designated VA-45 and the second US Navy squadron to be designated as VF-45. The squadron adopted the Blackbirds nickname and insignia of the second VA-45.

- x2 Leather Name Patches: The patches read as belonging to L.F. UDELL / LCDR USNR.

The last patch we have unfortunately not been able to identify making for a wonderful research opportunity.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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