Original U.S Civil War Special Order Cavalry Officer's Saber by W.H. Horstmann & Sons Philadelphia

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Original Item: One of a Kind. This saber is quite interesting, and recently came out of an attic, so it has really never been touched in almost 150 years. What we have is a very nice engraved and etched sword blade bearing U.S. amid lots of foliage on one side, and the U.S. Eagle and E PLURIBUS UNUM on the other side. The retailer's name and information is also on the blade directly in front of the brass Sword Guard:


The other side of the engraved blade bears the proof mark of a CROWNED KING'S HEAD being the Company logo of GEBRUEDER WEYERSBERG of SOLINGEN in Germany. This tells us that the blade was privately imported by the Horstmann Company to be marketed as Private Purchase Swords to Union Officers. Many blades were imported from Germany and France during this period, mainly for private purchase items such as presentation swords. The brass hilt on the other hand appears to follow the U.S. Cavalry model of 1860, with brass guard with leather grip bound in twisted brass wire, the wire is now absent.

The blade on this saber is only 29" in length, which is rather short for a Cavalry Officer's sword. This may indicate that the Officer who ordered this sword was perhaps a bit on the short side in stature and was more comfortable with an Infantry Officer's blade, but wanted it to appear to be a Cavalry Sword when mounted. This is a total Sleeper and this blade and this hilt have been together since the 1860's.

Regrettably the original scabbard and grip wire were absent, and although there are plenty of replacement scabbards to be had, both original and reproductions we chose to offer this very interesting special order sword as is, uncleaned and as found. The blade is a bit oxidized, and does show some nicks on the front edge.

Ready to research and display.

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