Original U.S. Civil War Pettengill Self-Cocking Hammerless Pocket Percussion Revolver - serial 568

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are very rare! C. S. Pettengill of New Haven, CT was granted U.S. Patent 15,388 on July 22, 1856, which was for this "Self-Cocking" design. The design was then improved by Edward A. Raymond and Charles Robotaille of Brooklyn, NY, who were granted U.S. Patent 21,054 on July27, 1858. Production was then started in 1858 at the Rogers and Spencer production plant, being overseen by HENRY S. ROGERS himself. The first model to be produced were the .31 Caliber Pocket Model and the .34 Caliber Navy Model.

In 1862 Henry S. Rogers of Willow Vale, NY, was granted U.S. Patent 36,861 on November 4, 1862, which was used for the new .44 Caliber Army Model. The U.S. government placed an initial order for 5,000 Units at $ 20.00. per piece, hoping to quickly arm for the Civil War. Unfortunately the Army testing facility found that the powder fouling was so severe that they wanted to cancel the entire order. In fact a compromise was reached with the order being cut to 2,000 units only. By the end of 1863 all of the .44 caliber Army Revolvers had been replaced with Colt 1860 Revolvers.

Here we have a very early production example with a 4" barrel. It is difficult for us to determine whether it is .31 Caliber or .34 Caliber, but we suspect it is the "Pocket" model due to the shorter barrel. It is marked with serial number 568 on the Cylinder, Barrel, Loading rammer, and trigger grip, so this is definitely an "All matching" example. The top cylinder strap is marked:


While the bottom is marked:


These would be the two patents granted before 1862, so this puts production at sometime between 1858 and 1862. The condition is outstanding with almost all blue finish still in place. The grip has some score markings on them, hopefully not a victim count during the Civil War. Smaller revolvers such as these were popular as a "backup" for officer's, when their Colt Army needed reloading.

In Full working Order and in lovely condition, this was the ONLY Hammerless design available during the Civil War, ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1858-1862
Caliber: .31cal
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 4  inches
Overall Length: 10 inches
Action: Single Action
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

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