Original Spanish Ornate Officer's Miquelet Pistol by De Yrusta and Guisasola of Eibar - c. 1805 - 1825

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a truly impressive example of an early 19th century Spanish Officer’s Miquelet pistol. It is marked HERRADVRAS in GOLD along the top of the the half octagonal and half round 8 3/4" long barrel which is also decorated in GOLD elsewhere. The Caliber is approximately .65", a standard size for Officer's, and it measures 14 1/2 inches in overall length.

This lovely pistol features all iron mounts including skull crusher butt cap. The very elegant walnut wood stock has a beautifully checkered grip. The beautifully made lock is made in the best Spanish Miquelet tradition. with a heavily engraved hammer and pan. The miquelet lock has a functional half cock position, which is linked to the trigger. The lock fires from full cock, and the frizzen is intact and functional. It comes with its original brass tipped ramrod, which is in excellent condition.

The barrel has a Cartouche over the breech in GOLD displaying the Maker's information:-


Juan Francisco de Yrusta was a Spanish gunsmith, located in Eibar, who worked in the early 19th century. His name has been recorded mostly on barrels.

The lock also has a Cartouche in the center, giving the lock maker's information:-


Antonio Guisasola was a Spanish gunsmith, also located in Eibar, who worked 1796–1833. His name has been recorded on both barrels and lock plates. Per a tag included with the pistol, it was examined by Dr. Lavin, Professor of Spanish History at William and Mary for identification. 

It is very rare to find one of these pistols in such fine condition. Truly magnificent and ready to display!

History of the Miquelet Lock:
Miquelet lock is a modern term used by collectors and curators, largely in the English-speaking world, for a type of firing mechanism used in muskets
and pistols. It is a distinctive form of snaplock, originally as a flint-against-steel ignition form, once prevalent in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Balkans, North Africa, Ottoman Empire and throughout Spain's colonies from the late 16th to the mid 19th centuries.

The term miquelet lock was not recorded until the 19th century, long after the appearance of the mechanism in the 16th century, and is of uncertain origin. One commonly held view is that it was coined by British troops in the Peninsular War to describe the style of musket used by the Miquelet (militia) that had been assigned to the Peninsular Army of the Duke of Wellington.


Year of Manufacture: c.1805 - 1825
Caliber: approx. .65" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 8 3/4 inches
Overall Length: 14 1/2 inches
Action: Miquelet Flint Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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