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Original Set of Two Bayonets with Scabbards - Indian Long FAL & Austrian M1867 Werndl Shortened to WWI Knife

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Original Item: Only One Set Available. Several years ago IMA acquired a large bayonet collection from a very enthusiastic European collector. Some of these we have decided to sell in small groups, giving starting collectors a great chance to pick up a few bayonets to get started with collecting.

Here we have two bayonets, somewhat far removed from each other in terms of style, location, and time period, but both intended for the same task.

The first is a relatively modern Indian made bayonet for the FAL rifle. It is marked R.F.I. 65 on the blade, for 1965 manufacture at Rifle Factory Ishapore, an Indian state owned arms manufacturing unit located at Ichhapur in the state of West Bengal. This was originally a British installation built in 1904, made to produce SMLE rifles and bayonets. After Indian independence, it continued as a factory and is still in operation today.

The bayonet is the standard long pattern "Bowie" type bayonet, based on the No.5 Jungle Carbine lineage of bayonets. It has a standard bayonet catch with a recessed lock button, and a very nice steel scabbard.

The second bayonet definitely is one with a long and storied history. It began life as a long "Yataghan" style bayonet for the Austrian M1867 Werndl rotating breech rifle. The ricasso is marked with the Austrian Imperial Eagle, as well as the maker mark of ŒWG Steyr. It may have been shortened after that, and was probably kept in storage, or maybe kept in private hands. With the outbreak of WWI and Trench Warfare, long bayonets became a hindrance, as they were unwieldy in the narrow dirt tunnels and trenches. Many designs were made for "trench knives", but these weren't always available, so in this case an obsolete bayonet was taken, shortened, and turned into a "trench knife.

With the solid long grip, long hooked quillon, and heavy pommel, this type of bayonet was the perfect candidate for conversion. The blade was cut down, and given a wicked point on the top, with a sharp edge. The solid heavy spine makes it a formidable stabbing weapon. It even is fitted with a custom made short metal scabbard, fit in the original frog. A great improvised WWI Weapon!

A nice set of interesting bayonets, complete with scabbards and ready to add to your collection!

Specifications Indian FAL:
Blade Length: 10"
Blade Style: Clip-Point Bowie Blade with Fuller
Overall length: 14"
Crossguard: 4”
Scabbard Length: 10 1/4

Specifications M1867 Werndl Shortened:
Blade Length: 8 3/8"
Blade Style: Yataghan Single Edge with Fuller - Cut Down
Overall length: 13 1/2"
Crossguard: 4”
Scabbard Length: 9" with Leather Frog

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