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Original Rare British P-1895 Long Lee Enfield Cutaway Skeletal Display Rifle, Serial No. 1

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Original Item- One-of-a-kind. Serial No. 1. YES, this is perhaps the first Rifle, Magazine, P-1895 Long Lee-Enfield ever made (excluding experimental or pattern guns). It was later converted to British Charger-Loading Lee-Enfield Mk I* Action Skeleton. This piece is Serial Number 1 as marked on both the receiver, the barrel and the bolt!

Manufactured in 1895 this is legally classified as an "antique" by the BATF.

Please see Ian Skennerton's wonderful book "THE LEE ENFIELD" (Available from IMA separately), Pages 527 to 529 for full information about these extremely rare "Training Devices".

Beautifully executed by Victorian Craftsmen this is a mega rare example that has all the correct features of the earliest long Lee Enfield P-1895 magazine Rifle production. These include a steel butt plate with brass trap door and the cutaway of the earliest ten shot magazine. The barrel shortened, drilled and welded to the receiver making is unable to chamber a cartridge, as these were intended as training devises only, making this an amazingly rare item to appear on the open collector’s market.

Offered in excellent collector's condition this is clearly in the "Hen's Teeth" category of antique weapons.

History of the British Charger-Loading Lee-Enfield Mk I* Action Skeleton

Originally developed for armorers to test parts on, the various models of Lee skeleton actions were soon adapted to training troops. They have always been the rarest of the Lee family of models, from the Lee-Metford on. IMA has one left. It was originally made as a Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Mk I*, then converted to the C.L.L.E. configuration before being skeletonized. The skeletonizing, or as some call it, the sectioning, is beautifully done with the highest standards of metalworking.

It has the original L.E. Mk I* bolt with the bolt-head safety, and a magazine cutoff. Viewing windows have been cut to make all of the internals visible, including the bolt. It has more inspection stamps than we’ve ever seen before, including proofs under Victoria and Edward.

This piece is Serial Number 1, marked on both the receiver, the barrel and the bolt!

This is a rare opportunity to own a truly once-in-a-lifetime Enfield.

Deactivated to be a non-gun as classified by US BATF.

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  • Not available for sale in New Jersey, ships from IMA’s Easton, Pennsylvania location.

    Deactivated to be a non-gun as classified by US BATF. IMA considers all of our antique guns as non-firing, inoperable and/or inert. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 921(a)(16) defines antique firearms as all guns made prior to 1899. This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering because they are not legally considered firearms. No FFL, C&R or any license is required to posses, transport, sell or trade Antique guns. All rifles and muskets sold by IMA that were manufactured prior to 1898 are considered Antiques by the US BATF (United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms). Therefore, all of IMA's Antique guns may be shipped to all US States and most nations around the world. These antique guns are not sold in live condition. They are sold as collector’s items or as wall hangers. Any attempt at restoring an antique gun to be operational is strongly discouraged and is done so at the risk of the customer. By purchasing an antique gun from IMA you thereby release IMA, its employees and corporate officers from any and all liability associated with use of our Antique guns.

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