Original Rare British Martini-Henry Rifle P-1887 MkII Sword Bayonet with Brass Mounted Leather Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Straight from our discovery of arms in the royal palace of Nepal! The P-1885 Long Lever Martini Infantry Rifle was initially issued with an 18" bladed Sword Bayonet with a fullered blade and leaf spring on the locking mechanism. This was the P-1887 Mk. I. Unfortunately this design was already dated, and required too much time to make, so the design was simplified. In 1888 the P-1887 Mk. III bayonet was approved with an unfullered blade and a coil spring on the locking mechanism, as well as a simplified grip attachment system, with two rivets instead of the 5 pins used by the Mk.I. The vast majority of bayonets we received out of Nepal were the Mk.III variety, with a few Mk.I types.

However, for a very short time, they manufactured the intermediate Mk.II pattern, which featured the fullered blade of the Mk.I and the hilt that would be used on the Mk.III. Out of all of the bayonets we received out of Nepal, only a handful have been found, and this is one of those.

This is an original P-1887 Mk.II Bayonet with colonial issue brass fitted scabbard. It bears the full maker's name and address son the blade, under a 88 date and CROWN / V.R. Royal Cypher:


There is an additional 98 date, and the reverse side bears the "Broad Arrow" / WD War Department inspection stamp. The cross guard also has some Nepalese writing, as was standard on the bayonets received out of Neal.

The blade is very nice, and has been sharpened, with just the right about of staining and patina. really a very fine example of this rare bayonet. Ready to display with your Martini-Henry!

Intended for the MkIV "Long-Lever" British Martini Henry, this will also fit British Martini Henry Mk I, II, and III Rifles fitted with sword bayonet lugs.

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