Original Japanese WWII Type 99 Gas Mask With Intact Hose, Filter and Carry Bag

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Japanese Army Model 99 gas mask was definitely the most commonly used Japanese gas mask during the war. It features a soft tan rubber face piece and an elastic/fabric head harness. A variation of the Model 99 was also issued with the filter attached directly to the face piece. The Model 99 is most likely a civilian mask but it may have been used by the military as well. Thousands of these masks were issued to civilians in case of chemical attack or for firefighting.

The Type 99 Gas Mask was a gas mask used by Japan during World War II. The ‘99’ in its name comes from the 2599th anniversary from when the first Japanese emperor took the throne.

The mask was issued in two main versions, the mask which had a hose going to a filter, and the other which didn’t and had the filter fastened directly onto the mask. The mask was also issued in different colors, brown, beige and the rare black. The most common of these masks is the hoseless beige mask. It was issued to both civilians and the military.

All variations of the Type 99 gas mask were issued in a small bag much like this example here. The masks with a hose were also given a filter carrier, which could be hung
around the neck. Some of the masks had aluminum removable lens covers, so that the glass lenses could be replaced if damaged, these are fixed. Some filters were able to input a 'prefilter' which further filtered airborne chemicals and other gasses. The Type 99 is made out of rubber and covered in some form of mesh fabric (having the same texture of a sack), of which is unknown.

There are a few Japanese Markings on the filter and the paper label and original paint is no longer present, nor do they appear to have ever been applied. The filter also had a plug which when removed remained hung from a string attached to the filter, sadly neither remain. Sid Wilson of heavy metal band Slipknot was known to have worn one of these masks on rare occasions, as well as several other gas masks.

The condition is excellent with minor deterioration present on the filter hose.

Comes more than ready for further research and display!

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