Original Japanese WWII INERT Imperial Japanese Navy Type 88 Short Delay Mortar Fuse With Tin and Bringback Documents - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a completely INERT example of a WWII Japanese Navy Type 88 Short Delay Mortar Fuse, and is in compliance with the current BATF standards on inert ordnance. Not Available For Export.

This fuse was sent home in 1945 by United States Navy Reservist D. W. Christenson, a Mineman 2nd Class who was apart of Bomb and Mine Disposal Team #3. A scanned and printed copy of the original paperwork is included with the purchase.

This fuse was specific to the Type 100 81mm Mortar Round, used on the Type 97 and Type 99 Infantry Mortar. The Type 97 and Type 99 81mm infantry mortar was a Japanese mortar used primarily by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy during World War II. The fuse comes complete with the original storage/transport tin with wooden cradle inserts. There are still original markings present on the outside of the tin, though most of the characters have scratches and rub marks through them. The fuse itself is also marked but has some buildup on them, making reading difficult. It would appear that the fuse is dated 5 六 十 昭. This marking is written right to left, and would be read: SHOWA (current reigning emperor) Juu-Roku Nen (16th year of reign - 1941) 5th month (May). This is a lovely example that is ready to be added to any Imperial Japanese Ordnance collection!

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