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Original German WWII Waffen SS M43 Maroon Parade Fez for Foreign Volunteers - Missing Skull wuth Replica Eagle

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a maroon fez that was part of the dress uniform of a Waffen-SS military detachment composed of Muslims from Bosnia, Croatia, and Herzegovina in occupied Yugoslavia. The creation of this unit was authorized by AH in 1943. The original purpose was to combat Tito's partisans. Through recruitment and conscription, the unit had 26,000 soldiers within a few months. The group was commanded by German or ethnic German officers, and the uniforms were designed to reflect the religion and ethnicity of the recruits. Later, the Fez was also issued to local volunteers from other areas in the Balkans.

There were two versions of the fez: a field gray model to be worn in combat and while on duty and a maroon model for parades, marching exercises and while off duty.

This example is offered in overall very good condition, with only minor age toning and moth. It is however missing the Totenkopf "Skull" badge on the front, and we can still see the outline of where it was before it was removed. The eagle is a replica that was added by the collector from which we sourced this from. The top tassel has some fraying at the ends, but the stitching that holds it in place is completely intact, something we rarely see.

Size is marked as 54 on the underside of the leather sweatband, and it features field red/maroon wool construction. The stitching on the leather sweatband is mostly intact, though there is definitely some tearing and stitch deterioration.

This fez is 100% authentic (except the eagle): there are and have been numerous fakes on the market, this is not one of those. Ready to display!

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