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Original German WWII Unissued Edelweiß Brand Wehrmacht Field Issue Toilet Paper Roll

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Original Item: Just Four Available. Well, this is definitely something we have never seen before, and likely will not again. There are many basic needs of soldiers in the field, and one of those is definitely personal hygiene. Many of these could be delayed or ignored based on the location, but one basic need would be hard to go without: TOILET PAPER.

We have acquired just a few rolls of this very nice Edelweiß brand Chemisch reines Klosettpapier (Chemically pure toilet paper). The wrapper of each has a great image of the mountains around an Alpen-Edelweiß, an iconic white mountain flower with the latin name Leontopodium nivale. It is the symbol of the mountains throughout Europe, and in particular is the symbol of the German Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troopers, even today.

The label also notes in the corners that the paper is hÿgienisch (hygienic) and vorteilhalf (beneficial). The bottom of the label has the NSDAP Reichsadler (State Eagle) next to Wehrmacht - Packung.

Very few available! A great conversation piece!

NOTE: The listing is for a SINGLE ROLL of toilet paper. The four are shown together for illustrative purposes.

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