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Original German WWII Ultrasin Brown Goggles by Nitsche and Gunther

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Original Item: Very few Available. We have a very limited quantity of original WW2 German Army dark tinted goggles used as antiglare protective eye wear issued to Mountain Troops, Motorized Units, MG34 & MG42 Machine gun operators, and Luftwaffe pilots.

These to be 100% authentic WW2 issue. Original pair has circular dark shaded lenses with steel surrounds mounted in leather (or perhaps synthetic leather) material in various shades of tan/brown with two ventilation ducts on either side to combat condensation. Complete with adjustable 3-piece strap, the side sections are cloth while the center adjustable section is elasticized. Each goggle comes complete in original imitation leather pouch which generally show damage such as broken or torn snaps. The pouch is ink stamped ULTRASIN 55% inside of closure flap. 55% represents protection grade of tint. The lens and steel frames are easily removable. This particular model was known as the ULTRASIN.

We received all of these goggles in their original cardboard outer boxes each containing Six Goggles in Pouches (6 Stuck) and clearly have never been issued since manufacture in the late 1930s. The storage boxes show slight storage deterioration/discoloration and it is evident these not have been opened for over 70 years.

These Goggles are a truly unusual and very rare WW2 well documented German Army Accessory. See the fabulous book "Deutsche Soldaten" page 213, items 60/61 and 62.

Condition is generally good, but some goggles show storage age with minor surface rust, staining and minor defects.

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