Original German WWII TeNo Technical Emergency Corps Enlisted Man’s Hewer by Eickhorn with Scabbard - Matched Serial Number 2945

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Technical Emergency Corp was formed on September 30, 1919 to assist the German population during times of crisis and disaster resulting from natural catastrophes. The TENO Daggers, Hewer and Leader’s Dagger was authorized for wear by all Teno Officers and subordinates members in 1938. The Hewer was intended for actual use in emergencies as an axe or hacking knife. The sole manufacturer of both TENO hewers was Carl Eickhorn. The Leaders Teno Dagger was designed solely for ornamental wear. These are highly sought after due to the rarity of them and this is only the second we have ever had, with matching serial numbers too!

This is a very nice example of a TeNo hewer which appears to have to seen extensive use while in service during WWII. The blade shows overall light use and staining, and the edge of the blade definitely shows that it has been used. The surface only shows a bit of the original factory final grind crossgrain in areas. The blade’s ricasso is deeply marked with GES. GESCH. for Gesetzlich Geschützt (Protected By Law), indicating that the hewer is a trademarked design. In between Ges. Gesch. Is a lovely TeNo insignia which consists of a "Spread-Wing" Reichsadler Eagle perched on a swas with cog wheel with a Hammer and N crossed in the center.

Beneath the TeNo symbol is the etched 1935-41 Eickhorn trademark: a seated squirrel holding a sword, with the word ORIGINAL above and the firm's name and location, Eickhorn / SOLINGEN below. Carl Eickhorn is a legendary maker from Solingen, the famous "City of Blades" in Western Germany.

According to J. Anthony Carter's book, GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS, this company was founded in 1865 by Carl Eickhorn, and is arguably the most famous of all Solingen makers. Not only could the family trace their history back 500 years, but they could also demonstrate involvement in the hardening and grinding industries for the same period. Truly the nobility of Solingen Edged weapon dynasties. Eickhorn edged weapons are the most desirable of all makers.

On the opposite side of the blade’s ricasso is the faintly etched serial number 2945 and this matches the serial number on the top of the throat fitting of the scabbard. The handle on this example features lovely white trylon plastic grip scales in very good condition. The grip scales are head on by two long nickel plated flathead screws which are secured by a round “split” nut. The plating on the screws is all but gone, and they now show an oxidized patina. The alloy crossguard and pommel are in lovely worn condition, with much of the detail retained. The nickel plating is all but gone, with just a few areas still retained.

The scabbard is in similar condition, looking to have seen extensive use while in service. The plating and finish on the steel fittings is completely gone, and they now have a polished steel patina, showing areas of past pitting. The steel body of the scabbard shows some dents and deformation on both sides, and looks to have been cleaned and repainted at some point in the past. The scabbard throat is stamped on top with the matching serial number of 2945.

This is a very nice service worn example and we are most likely not going to see another TeNo hewer anytime soon! Comes more than ready for display.

Blade Length: 9 ⅝”
Blade Style: Single Edged Clip Point Hewer
Overall length: 14 ¾”
Crossguard: 3”
Scabbard Length: 11 ⅛”

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