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Original German WWII Swiss Hegar Cigars with Nazi Tax Stamp - 100 Unopened Cigars

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is an incredible wartime box of 100 Mild and Fine Hegar brand cigars for a retailer manufactured during the years of the German Third Reich. Each cigar had a retail price of 6 Pfennig. There are a total of 100 cigars packaged in packs of 10 cigars each for a total of 10 unopened packs. All were manufactured in Switzerland for Hegar.

Writing on the box roughly translates to These high-quality Swiss Stumps are made from selected and best suited raw tobaccos and of outstanding mild quality. Usually due to the usage of the word Pfennig there is no direct association to the Third Reich, however, in the on the left hand corner of the box there is a Third Reich Tax Revenue Stamp proving that these were indeed manufactured during the wartime period and imported to Germany. The stamp has an embossed Eagle and Swatstika, and reads RPF, better known as Reich Pfennig which were the coins used in league with Reich Marks.

These were brought back by a USGI after the war, put away and never opened, not even for a much needed smoke! Truly amazing.

Note: Not sold for consumption purposes, collectible artifact only.

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