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Original German WWII SS Twelve Year Long Service Award Medal with Ribbon in Replica Case - SS-Dienstauszeichnungen

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Original Item: Only One Available. SS Long Service Awards (German: SS-Dienstauszeichnungen) were given in grades of four years, eight years, twelve years, and twenty-five years. The four and eight-year service awards were in the form of circular medals while the 12 and 25-year service awards were in the form of swass. The SS service awards were designed in Munich by Professor Karl Diebitsch. The awards varied in design depending on the length of service of the recipient. According to historian Chris Ailsby the awards ceased to be given at the end of 1941.

This nice example of the very rare 12 year award, complete with an uninstalled ribbon in a post war replica case. We have had it examined my experts and compared to originals, and it is definitely an original example. It still retains virtually all of the original silver wash, which has faded to a lightly tarnished patina over the years, showing almost no wear. The edges and embossed designs are still crisp, and the text on the back is clear. The blue ribbon is in unissued condition, though it may be for one of the lower grade awards, as is does not have the stitched on runes.

The replica leatherette covered case is one of many post war made examples, almost identical to the real thing. It is fully functional, and in very good condition.

A great example of a very hard to find award, complete with a replica case and ready to display!

It was first introduced by Adolf AH on 30 January 1938, On its reverse side, each award had emblazoned the inscription, in German: FÜR TREUE DIENSTE IN DER ᛋᛋ ("For Loyal Service in the SS"). The medal was awarded to SS members in the SS-Verfügungstruppe, SS-Totenkopfverbände and the SS-Junkerschule who served honorably and were on active service.

The four-year and eight-year awards were the most common awards. Despite the fact that the whole NSDAP movement lasted for little over 25 years (1919-1945) and the SS were founded only in 1925, awards of the 25-year version were made well before 25 years of actual service were completed. This was because the period between 1925 and 1933 (what the NSDAPs termed Kampfzeit ("Time of Struggle") counted double, and any service in the Armed Forces in the First World War and afterwards, as well as the Police, was also included. Nevertheless, it was one of the rarer awards given out by NSDAP Germany.

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